Biospecimen Inventory: General Protocol (Fresh frozen tissue)

Blood products inventory

The Biospecimen Core requires investigators to complete a written application to request samples. Please follow the links below to access the required form and the corresponding instructions.

Request for Biospecimens
Request for Biospecimens (Instructions)

     Jeffery Boyles

Fresh Frozen Tissue Group:

Tissue SiteDiagnosisSpecimensSpecimens with
Matched Normal Tissue
Squamous cell carcinoma, keratinizing type NOS60
Abscess of lung30
Adenocarcinoma of cecum60
Adenocarcinoma of endometrium60
Adenocarcinoma of large intestine134
Adenocarcinoma of lung42032
Adenocarcinoma of rectum120
Adenosquamous carcinoma270
Adult bronchiectasis30
Basosquamous carcinoma60
Benign neoplasm of lung60
Bronchioloalveolar carcinoma40
Carcinoid tumor of lung588
Carcinoma of breast30
Chronic bullous emphysema20
Complicated silicosis50
Endometrial carcinoma30
Follicular thyroid carcinoma60
Giant cell carcinoma of lung60
Giant cell sarcoma (except of Bone, M-92503)60
Granulomatous pneumonia30
Hamartoma of lung90
HER2-positive carcinoma of breast70
Infiltrating duct carcinoma of breast30
Interstitial pneumonia60
Intralobar bronchopulmonary sequestration20
Langerhans cell histiocytosis of lung40
Localized pulmonary fibrosis20
Mucin-producing adenocarcinoma60
Mucinous adenocarcinoma60
Neoplasm of lung10
Neuroendocrine carcinoma60
Neuroendocrine carcinoma90
Non-small cell lung cancer1398
Pleomorphic carcinoma60
Primary malignant neoplasm of left lower lobe of lung60
Primary malignant neoplasm of lung94
Pseudosarcomatous carcinoma50
Pulmonary actinomycosis20
Renal cell carcinoma90
Spindle cell carcinoma60
Squamous cell carcinoma of bronchus128
Squamous cell carcinoma of larynx184
Squamous cell carcinoma of lung41743
Squamous cell carcinoma of tongue30
Adenocarcinoma NOS60
Carcinoma, anaplastic type, NOS200
Clear cell adenocarcinoma NOS50
Leiomyosarcoma NOS120
Malignant melanoma NOS30
Medullary carcinoma NOS60
Papillary adenocarcinoma NOS64
Squamous cell carcinoma NOS220
Squamous cell carcinoma, keratinizing type NOS214
Synovial sarcoma NOS60
Teratoma, malignant, NOS60
Not Specified240
Mediastinal mass30
Adenocarcinoma NOS64
Benign neoplasm of lung60
Chronic lung disease30
Adenocarcinoma of lung60
Multiple myeloma10
Primary malignant neoplasm of pleura60
Sarcoma of soft tissue60
Squamous cell carcinoma of lung10
Metastasis from malignant tumor of thyroid64
Lung, OtherAll60
Primary malignant neoplasm of pleura60

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